Electromechanical actuators

Electrical axes are systems made up of actuators (skid with motor and encoder) and a control module. They are used in the appliance, automotive, systems and robotics fields.

Fluidodinamica has a vast range of electrical axes, capable of meeting any automation need. Versions with toothed belt or screw transmission, linear axes, with recirculating ball guide or with innovative ball chains guide, ensure the appropriate technology for the specific application needs.

There are also various possibilities available for cantilevered operation, thanks to special cantilevered axes, skids and handling units.

Fluidodinamica provides consulting for selections, examining the characteristics of the needed movement (constant speed, variable speed, interlocking position, torque or force control), the load to be handled and the type of handling required (variation, adjustment, following) within the lay-out of each machine. Electrical action is preferred where speed and precision are desired, whereas pneumatic action is chosen where simplicity, low cost, specific power and power in reduced spaces are required.

Thanks to twenty years of experience, Fluidodinamica can be your ideal guide in selecting from electrical and pneumatic axes to ensure maximum energy efficiency and reduction in consumption.

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