Industry 4.0: Italy is the best market

Industry 4.0 represents the future of international production and is increasingly gaining significant market shares: Italy is proud and optimistic about being one of the most well-placed countries for investments in this area.

This figure is substantiated by the clear rise in domestic orders in the first quarter relating to Industry 4.0. Further stimulated by the incentives put in place by the Government, business growth is on the rise almost everywhere in Italy: average growth is 13%, +12.9% in the first quarter for the non-EU area, +10% total imports in the first two months.

These indications have prompted the Government to set the impact of investment incentives at an additional 10 billion in 2017, with the capital goods having to play the role of driving force.

If the order trend translates into the expected increase in annual turnover, the upward drive in domestic consumption would be 2.8 billion Euro.

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