Intelligent hydraulic power unit. Integration and energy efficiency

The new ABPAC Rexroth hydraulic power unit series satisfies the new electrification and Industry 4.0 requirements. Thanks to decentralised intelligence and optional sensor packages, these power units acquire all operating states by communicating with higher control levels or with smart devices.

Online Configuration, data exchange, continuous state of operation: in the integrated automation of the future, hydraulics will have the same level of intelligence and communication capabilities as electric drives.

These features are already available in new ABPAC Rexroth hydraulic power units. Thanks to Open Core Engineering interface technology, the control unit fits perfectly into production environments with horizontal and vertical integration, offering a guaranteed system for the future.

In addition, a package of integrated and universally relevant sensors continuously captures all system states relating to the plant: degree of filter clogging, oil quality, sensors for working pressure and pump/accumulator intake, oil level and various temperatures. ABPAC provides the standardised interfaces with sensor data, system variables and relative status messages: the user can read these messages via Ethernet bus thanks to the machine control, or via an integrated web browser, wireless, from a smart device.Energy efficient drive technology All power units are designed for use with Sytronix FcP variable speed pumps: these variable speed drives reduce hydraulic power consumption by up to 80%. It is also possible to integrate Sytronix SvP group drives: the software of such smart drives is, in fact, already in line with the specific fluid technology requirements. The commissioning and diagnostic tools for these drives are identical to those for the Rexroth electric axes.

Offering a tank capacity of 100 up to 400 litres, the ABPAC series meets the requirements of all the most popular hydraulic applications; the basic functions of the hydraulics are already integrated into a special multifunction unit. Furthermore, this also offers an interface to further standardise hydropower plants: users can thus assemble their plants online according to their needs, making use of the world's largest hydraulic and electrohydraulic range for industrial applications. The online tool guides the user on the basis of the main technical data, suggesting the most appropriate groups; once completed, the program then provides a complete documentation package.

ABPAC power units cover the full range of hydraulics applications for industrial machines: from tool woodworking or cutting machines up to presses or plastic processing machines.

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