Compact 2D portal ready for the future

An advanced solution for direct installation on electronics and machinery, small parts assembly and laboratory automation.

The EXCM portal is a compact, two-dimensional H portal that can be positioned anywhere in your work area. The ball-recoil belt moves the slide within a two-dimensional area (along the X and Y axes). The fixed motors are connected to the slide, while the parallel kinematic drive system allows for reduced moving masses.

This system, ready for installation, can be quickly positioned with speeds of up to 500 mm/sec and repeat accuracy in the order of ± 0.05 mm. These features make the compact H portal ideal for the electronics manufacturing and small parts assembly sector, where power and small part screwing, glue point application, electronic component testing as well as the control of contact points or resistors, flexible part and component positioning in the assembly and palletizing processes, production and desktop assembly operations are required.

The new EXCM Type H portal is also a safe and compact solution in pre- and post-analytical laboratory processes: it is used in the preparation of samples during their transport for identification with the bar code reader and container opening and closing.

The portal places the samples in analysis systems like micro-titration plates. In post-analytical processes, for example, safe incubation, dispensing and storage operations are guaranteed. Quick start-up The portal requires minimal commissioning and can be quickly integrated into the machines: the pre-parameterised actuator and controller avoid the need of user intervention concerning the automation technique, leaving users free to concentrate on their specific skills.

Festo allows you to eliminate much of the extra work. The flexible interface concept grants free choice between different systems: Ethernet, CANopen and I/O for a max. of 64 positions. The portal is supplied assembled and tested, ready to be fitted on the machines or on the plants.

The supply includes all project data and circuit diagrams, and a complete functional warranty. With a single ordering code, the customer receives the hardware in the form of a system or sub-system ready to be connected, as well as a full value added packet.

The complete solutions simplify the work of specialised personnel, reduce design work, streamline procurement processes and reduce process costs.

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